Autobiography of river

This portion of my course is called my mouth. At last I come down to the plains. Here I am very wide. As I flow down, I gather strength. In spite of that they do not take care of me. This pollutes my water. I am a river, a dancing maid, who knows not how to tarry for a while.

Along with small townships, houses there are temples as well. My water is also used for bathing, household chores and for drinking as well.


When there is heavy rain or when the snow melts on the Himalayan peaks, I bring floods and cause a great loss of life and wealth. That is how I was born. Your Government has now tried to control my furious nature in the rainy season.

There is always some hustle and bustle to be seen here and the scenery is very beautiful and enriching.

304 Words Essay on the Autobiography of a River

People from many parts of the country come there for a change. This makes the region prosper and fosters economic growth. My career in the lowest course In this way I go on. I give shelter to the fishes and the aquatic animals; I give company to the innocent boatmen; I enjoy Autobiography of river music of the birds flying in the blue sky above, or settling on the flowing water-hyacinths on my broad bed.

But all the attempts were in vain. New land is formed there. Naturally precautions should be taken to purify my water.

This land is very fertile. This is my goal. It helps industry in towns and even in remote villages. I have become a platform for trade and commerce. This is known as a waterfall. I am full of life and vigor.

Sometimes during my course in the mountains and plains, especially in the monsoon seasons I carry overwhelming volumes of water that causes floods. Sometimes I play the part of a destroyer. Men write their autobiographies. A few among them are being used as the main centers for education and culture, also trade and commerce.

I wash and carry away the polluted articles, such as the smelly corpses of men and beasts, the wastages of oils and chemicals of the mills, and the excretory refuse of the towns and villages-all sorts of dirty accumulations from my both the banks.Autobiography of “Book” in Hindi Welcome to!

Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss. I am a river and I am writing my autobiography.

I am the river Ganges, I was born from Gomukh. It is in the lap of the Himalayas. I was born thousands of years ago. I am very restless from my birth.

Autobiography of River Ganga Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 6, By Vikash Mehra I am river Ganga and I am writing my autobiography. Nov 14,  · plz help me in writing 'the autobiography of a river.' i have to write it in general, not of a specific river.

the main problem is how to start.

Essay on the autobiography of a river

what should be the starting line? n i have to write bout the historical n religious importance of a river n the problems it is facing today. plz plz plz help me out. i would be highly grateful to u. thank u. There are many fables about my birth.

And how I was born is a wonderful thing. I come down from the Himalayas and flow into the plains of Central India, eastward finding my way into the Bay of.

I am a river. I like to give you an account of my life. You may laugh to think what is the value of the autobiography of a river. You may laugh if you like. Men write their autobiographies. They have importance in their own way. I .

Autobiography of river
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