Baton rouge business report constitutional amendments bill

YES As technology grows and professional skills are required, this can raise the bar on qualifications and provide more disclosure and transparency when hiring a registrar.

That should be a good thing for voters and the process. This is the loophole in the savings account, because a two-thirds vote by the Legislature would permit the funds to be appropriated for any time or any use.

And for more than years, neither did Louisiana when it came to setting tuition for higher education—but it changed. Eliminates federal income tax deduction for corporations on state tax returns and sets a flat rate.

YES Here is another one that is complicated and has arguments pro and con that I struggled with.

Publisher: Voting on constitutional amendments

Several have pros and cons and are a close call. That formula can succeed whether you are a restaurant or a university. In addition, the amendment locks up five more funds, limiting flexibility—an issue Louisiana has struggled with for decades.

Tuition and fee autonomy to college management boards. YES Only one state in the nation requires a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to approve a tuition increase.

While this amendment applies only to corporate taxes for C-corporations, it makes sense. While 27 other states use a corporate flat tax, just six Montana, Utah, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona and Colorado would have lower rates than Louisiana after adoption of the amendment.

Creates a Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund. It also allows fund balances to be diverted. It is consistent and simple. Unfortunately, emergency situations are not defined and could include budget shortfalls.

A guide to the constitutional amendments on Louisiana’s fall ballot (courtesy of PAR)

Three of the honorees were Catholic schools, including St. The answer is quite clear: But why would a restaurateur let other people, who meet once a year and are not in the restaurant daily, set his menu prices? Early voting starts on Oct.

But who do you think interacts most often with students and parents the customers to understand their situation and goals or works with companies the employers on their needs for graduates to enter their workforce?

Unlike steadier sources of revenue like individual income or sales taxes, mineral revenue and corporate taxes can vary wildly. The other school named was Madison Preparatory Academy, a charter school opened in It adds five other funds and trusts to the list of accounts exempted from the present and proposed triggers.Ted James (D-Baton Rouge) sponsored House Bill (HB).

Nullification Movement Report; Bill Tracking. Bill Tracking; ask yourself why it took a constitutional amendment to institute. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Each bill received The governor cannot veto proposals for constitutional amendments.

A constitution is supposed to be a state’s fundamental law that contains the essential elements of government organization, the basic principles of governmental powers and the enumera.

PAR releases voters’ guide to proposed constitutional amendments Baton Rouge Business Report PAR Urges State to Set Rules The Advocate Panel looking at cost, benefit of tax breaks in Louisiana New Orleans City Business.

Publisher: Voting on constitutional amendments.

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Rolfe McCollister. October Amendment 1. Establishes new requirements for local registrars of voters. Four schools in Baton Rouge were. At left is Rep. Edmond Jordan, D-Baton Rouge, and at right is Alexandria attorney Ed Tarpley, left, former District Attorney for Grant parish, who had earlier testified in favor of the bill.

Of six constitutional amendments before voters on Nov. 8, Mixed bag on fiscal amendments Baton Rouge, LA Phone.

Baton rouge business report constitutional amendments bill
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