Career counselling psychometric tests

The maximum time you would need to dedicate to a test will be 1 hour and 45 mins. The paper composition for these streams is uniquely designed to evaluate skills needed to suceed in your chosen field.

Accurate Career Decision Making

And the report is made easy to understand, so that even a person who is just Class 9th or 10th can be easily understand and take action based on them. The counselling session was interactive and convincing. Nupur Jadhav The counselling session MyDisha gave me some sense of clarity and comfort level.

This test will give you an overall perspective of the kind of roles that you would excel in. She is extremely happy and is already working on finding the colleges to pursue her career.

Find out if both you and your potential employer are a perfect fit. We are passionate about people and organisational development and have a strong focus on delivering solutions that meet the needs of the changing South African organisational context. Career counselling psychometric tests helps a student to make an informed decision about their future study course.

We maintain strict professional and ethical standards and have a high level of integrity.

Psychometric Career Assessment

Skype or meet one of our experienced counsellors to analyse and assist you with your career decisions. Anushka Guidance was very informative.

You should take the test in the following circumstances: Mrunmayi Shinde I was confused and not sure what I should choose, but after the career counselling session I am clear about what I should choose and steps I should take next. A psychometric career test helps them to choose the right subjects or streams and make better decisions for the future.

These Psychometric Career Assessment evaluate a candidate on the following criteria: The assessment measures are well researched and continuously updated to ensure applicability to a South African context and with an extensive range of South African norms to ensure fairness, reliability and validity.

It helps them to understand if they can handle stress or not and thus, aid in decision making. The online career assessment includes two minute tests namely Interest Assessment and Personality Assessment and a minute Aptitude Assessment.

We look forward toadding value to your company! Workplace Competency Workplace dynamics can greatly influence the efficiency of employees. It will aid the student in choosing the right stream based with a clear mind.

The counsellor met my expectations to utmost satisfaction. Skill-based Career Test does an interest based mapping to find out which vocation you are best suited for. Confusion about personal skills Often, candidates are confused between few career options.

If you are going for skilling upgrade or learn a new skill, it is the best test for you. The reliability statistics of the tool has been calculated using Cronbach Alpha.

It is the first stepping stone of the career league in the Indian education system. And, results showed up that her keen interest was in culinary arts. Employability Quotient An Employability Quotient reflects your overall potential as a job seeker.

With over 6,00, students taking this assessment tool in the last 5 years, it is also the maximum for any career assessment tool developed in India.

The programme helps the tenth standard pass-outs to know on the different careers available.Psychometric tests can also be used by you to understand where your strengths lie and what career areas might be most appropriate and of most interest to you. Further details on this are below. Further details on this are below.

Our Psychometric Career Assessment are based on universally accepted Career Test theories on Interest, Aptitude, Personality and Motivation assessments. These Psychometric Career Assessments are further fine tuned to suit the Global standards by a panel of Career Counsellors, Psychologists and Research team.

Career Counselling to select right career - MyDisha

Tucareers provides analytics based free career tests, career assessments & psychometric tests that help in career planning, career counselling & career guidance.

Tucareers career assessments are based on O*NET and provides cross linkages to SOC, ISCO, ESCO, and other national occupation standards world wide in countries like US.

This book has explored career counselling and the use of psychometric tests in career counselling, as well as issues related to career development. In this chapter we discuss the written report.

The focus will be on the traditional method of report writing. However, we also explore the post-modern career report. Career Diagnostic Assessment is a mix of psychometric and skills assessment to assess your various aptitude skills, workplace competencies and personality traits, which help you to identify strengths and make a career decision to.

This test is an eye opener and career counseling without a thorough psychometric test is incomplete. Psychologists have used psychometric tests since ’s to quantify a person’s intelligence and find out facts about their behavioral traits and preferences.

Career counselling psychometric tests
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