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Landfills change the aesthetic properties of the region. Effects of Hazardous Radioactive Pollutants: As more waste is produced, more lands are identified that could be converted into even beds for landfills.

On one hand, rampant industrialization throws open many opportunities and helps overcome unemployment. Pollution through Mineral Wastes: The accumulated radioactive wastes enter into food chain by coming into aquatic system and finally enter into living organisms.

Some industrial wastes also contain pathogenic bacteria, which cause significant health hazards. Land pollution is as old as others forms of pollution, or we may say they are even older.

Singha town with one lakh population can produce 20, tonnes of garbage and 8, tonnes of night soil which can be converted into 18, tonnes of compost.

We should always lead by example. Plastics and plastic items should be totally banned from cities as they are of no good use. The presence of excess of MPK fertilizers declines protein contents of corn, maize, gram and wheat crops and also favours the degradation of carbohydrates and proteins.

Pesticides, due to their non-biodegradable nature, are known to seep gradually through the soil into ground water and thereby contaminate the entire public water supply system. A sanitary land fill provide a safe and effective means of waste disposal. Europeans countries like Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland etc.

Due to various natural and man-made factors, this top layer of the soil gets corroded and polluted. The simplest method is crud tipping or open dumping, a common method used in most Indian cities.

At the same time the economic sphere of the country is bound to run on fast wheels due to industrialization. Industrial wastes containing toxic metals e.

Solid wastes result in offensive odour and cause clogging of ground water filters. It is impossible to grow crops on saline lands.

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The production of biogas from cow dung, Cattle dung and numerous organic wastes is done by the action of large varieties of micro-organisms in a synchoronised manner in a biogas unit. Mother Nature has always been a provider, let us all show our concern for her and help save the earth from land pollution.

The forest areas that once filled the green cover are now messed up in dry and fragile lands, receiving very less or scanty rainfall and turning to arid zones.

A well-engineered landfill is lined by some non-porous barrier of clay, granite or any synthetic source. Many pesticides and herbicides are applied by aerosol spray and find their way into the soil.

In short, they are converted into garbage dumping zones. During mining operations, huge quantities of wastes are dumped on land surface. Conclusion Land pollution is actually a composite of much pollution locked in one nutshell.

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The presence of high concentration of Mg, Fe, Zn and V, causes lethal effects on crop production. Essay on Land Pollution:Air pollution. Water pollution. Land pollution. AIR POLLUTION: This tern is not something new, it has been existing since he time of industrial revolution where in big chimneys are pointed out in the air which releases harmful gases into the atmosphere.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay. Here is your essay on Land Pollution! The land pollution is caused by solid wastes and chemicals. One of the major pollution problems of large cities is disposal of solid waste material including farm and animal manure, crop resi­dues (agricultural wastes), industrial wastes such as chemicals, fly ash and cinders which are residues of [ ].

Land Pollution Land pollution is basically about the contamination and degradation of the land surface and soil of the earth, due to misuse. This contamination is caused by a number of factors.

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Read more about it in the following paragraphs. Pollution is the process that introduces contaminants into the environment, which in turn causes the. Essay on Land Pollution. In simpler terms, land pollution could be broadly defined as the contamination and deterioration of land quality by various factors.

The top layer of soil is the only layer capable of sustaining vegetation and plant life. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Essay On Land Pollution.

Essay on Land Pollution! Land is getting heavily polluted now-a-days by toxic materials and dangerous micro-organisms which enter the air, water and the food chain. The land pollution occurs mainly through centres: namely.

Essay about land pollution
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