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So thinking I too feel asleep with my friends. The extreme heat in the plans made me think that I should pass my holidays on the hills. After seven hours, the train reached the Chittagong railway station at 4 p. The owners of the ponies grew anxious about their animals.

We all requested them to sing a song, They started to sing sweet songs. All the houses, poles, fields and trees seemed to be running backwards. Due, to the meadows of the soft drops on the leaf and flowers also looking stunning and glittering like pearls.

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There was a great rush of passengers on the platform. The cattle were grazing on the grassy fields on either side of the river.

We alighted from it and through Essay on the railway journey exit gate came out. I rushed the booking office and took my ticket.

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We enjoyed the journey very much. People were running up and down to get a seat. They filled our hearts with joy. I traveled by night train.

In the silence, the Lord of day gave his throne to the Queen of night. He received severe injuries.

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Though there was plenty of room in the bus, yet some people became restless. The bus was now running in New Delhi.

The guard blew the whistle and the train started. We can cover long distances within a short time. After half an hour the train steamed off and I heaved a sigh of relief. I was just packing my luggage for go and bought the ticket for Howrah Express. Fortunately, I happened to my friend on the platform.

My father managed to get a ticket for me. With the help of a collie I got into a compartment which was over-crowded. Some village children from their house door were watching the moving train anxiously, and greeting the passengers by waiving their hands.

The farmers were working in their fields. The train had arrived and I was shocked to see that every compartment was packed to its capacity. The proud student refused flatly. He did not take notice of us. I traveled through many cities, made many friends and enjoyed sights and scenes.

It was an express train. The passenger inside were talking loudly with one another. They felt very sleepy.

We lost our courage.

Essay: A Railway Journey

But then young ladies should also be considerate to old and sick men. Imagine my joy when I received a letter from my cousin to visit him during the summer vacation!

We decided never to take such a dangerous journey. The weather for the last few days was very hot. Even today I enjoy the memory of that pleasure. I took a sight of relief. Some of the journeys are too memorable in the life, which always reminds to us, but some travel makes the adverse impact on the life, and it erased by the sands of time.

Some women were picking up weeds from the fields. It was a busy place.Some of the journeys are too memorable in the life, which always reminds to us, but some travel makes the adverse impact on the life, and it erased by the sands of time.

the train journey is the best journey. Title: A Railway Journey. A Journey may be by train, by bus or by air is always a source of pleasure as well as gaining of experience and knowledge. Essay on a Railway Train Journey purchasing the tickets seemed to be a difficult one.

In order to have an idea of the difficulties of a second class. Essay on Journey by Train or Railway or Rail in hindi for Class| Std 2,3, School Students for School kids and senior students,, words, for Class 1,2,3,4,5,6. Article shared by. words essay on A Railway Journey (free to read).

Traveling is a great and inspiring experience. It is at once instructive and interesting. If we travel second class, a railway journey gives us a true picture of.

Feb 02,  · A Railway Journey - Short Essay. Posted by: Mohammed Yaqoob on 2/13/ in Essays, Paragraphs 2 Last year I got an opportunity to visit to Lahore. It was first of the December, I packed my luggage early in the morning and reached to station.

I rushed the booking office and took my ticket. My friends were also waiting for me at the.

Essay on the railway journey
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