Example of reaction paper about an exhibit

Describe Featured Works Write a paragraph about the specific work that is featured. However, avoid using examples, which are difficult to relate to the topic. Describe form, materials, shapes, textures and emotive effect on viewers.

State any eras or other artists that the pieces are reminiscent of or perhaps influenced by. There was also an exhibit of the destroyed ship.

Reaction paper about National Museum Essay

Talk about what you feel was done well in terms of the display and set up, and what could have been done differently such as lower or brighter lighting. We saw different types of jars in their different, styles, shapes, sizes and designs which enthrall my feelings.

Evaluate the merit of the work: To me she indeed lives on through the gesture and the many pieces of art present in the gallery. We were greeted by the astounding different objects that were conserved in the gallery.

Without determination and the desire to face his hardships, he lost his chance to make his life meaningful. One had a child waiting for him; another was a scientist who was working on a series of books that needed to be finished.

It somehow brought different charisma to me. These paintings are about the Philippine culture during the Spanish era. He says that the words of Dostoevsky came frequently to mind: The second gallery was composed of different things in the Philippines and Southeast Asian Contacts.

The first part of your paper should contain information on the author and the topic. But to be able to redeem the payments, we continued the voyage. Some paintings hung in the wall allure me.

There were also some kinds of weapons like bow, arrow, bolos, and sharp things.

Sample Exhibition Review

Comment on individual pieces, discussing those that stood out to you, specifying their positive and negative elements. How is the work related to problems in our present-day world? However, I still enjoyed the gallery for it reminds me that Filipino culture is still the best among all.

The gallery was quite expansive with people walking up and down the corridors and many others standing besides the white walls adorned with different kinds of artistic pieces. Do not include in the first part of the paper your personal reaction to the work; your subjective impression will form the basis of the second part of your paper.

In these reports—often referred to as response or reaction papers—your instructor will most likely expect you to do two things: Also share your own reactions and impressions. Where there is no real care, there is no meaning. Mention the Venue Write a paragraph describing the gallery or studio that housed the exhibition.

Identify the author and title of the work and include in parentheses the publisher and publication date.

How to Write an Art Exhibition Paper

The student then closes the report with a short concluding paragraph. Focus on any or all of the following questions. Here are a few recommendations, which will help you complete an outstanding reaction paper:By downloading a sample, you will learn how to write reaction paper and avoid common mistakes.

You will also be able to shape your ideas in an appropriate form and emphasize the strongest points of your paper, while omitting those, which lack examples and support. A Paper on the exhibit “Without A Murmur” Documents Similar To Art Exhibit Reaction Paper. Skip carousel.

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the writing process Writing a Response or Reaction Paper Each semester, you will probably be asked by at least one instructor to read a book or an article (or watch a TV show or a film) and to write a paper recording your response or reaction to the material.

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Get started now! Example Of Reaction Paper About An Exhibit. Sharnela Kamil Sahidjuan BSN-1A Reaction paper The world, as we all know is going into high technological advances and its going real fast! Things that we never imagine possible is now a reality.

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Example of reaction paper about an exhibit
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