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Is the growing level of competition good for the youth? Should a moratorium be imposed on all fresh mining in tribal areas of the country? This ensures their financial antonomy and viability. One of the essential features of our constitution is division of powers between different institutions, namely the three main wings of the State; the Parliament and the state legislatures, the Executive and the Judiciary.

Agricultural targets fixed in the First Plan had been achieved. The Eight Plan 97 was approved at a time the country was going through a severe economic crisis caused by a balance of payments, a rising debt burden, ever- widening budget deficits, amounting inflation and recession in industry.

The social and economic consequences can easily Latest essays for competitive exams understood if we understand the factors responsible for it. Are our traditional handicrafts doomed to a slow death? Therefore, under our constitution the judiciary is assigned the task of interpreting the constitution in order to determine what is the power conferred on each branch of government, what are its limit and whether the action of any branch transgresses such limits.

The Essay must be between and words. But these programmes would be oriented towards strengthening the productive potential of the economy and providing more opportunities for involving the poor in the economic process. The combination of poverty and the lack of social security network is also responsible for bonded child labour.

The political and economic implications of the Indo-Iran Gas Pipeline 2. The engine had employed liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. The best essays on each topic will be ranked and the winner will be getting the free subscription of E magazine for six months.

The internet telephone service offered by ISPs is different in nature, scope and kind from the scale time voice offered as telecommunication service by operator such as basic, cellular, NCD etc. So, there is a marked difference between both of them.

List of 10 essays for competitive exams on 1. While the proportion of poor in the rural areas declined from The military and technical cooperation are the core areas of strategic dialogue.

Tenth plan is currently under execution. In the rural areas the people has to sell the labour of their children to take out a bare subsistence.

One should remember that these topics will be useful not only for the IAS exams but also for other competitive exams.


The Panchayats have been given the power and responsibility of local planning and mobilisation of their own resources. September- Last Date:Jul 05,  · Important Essay Topics for Competitive Exams.

Role Of A Banker In The Indian Financial System; There are so many Topics for Writing Essays for major Competitive exams esp like UPSC, SPC, etc. *you should have to get updated to latest general awareness from atleast Standard English Newspapers.

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Latest essays for competitive exams
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