Management research paper on health insurance mediclaim

For example, the Health Maintenance Organization Act ofreferred to as the HMO Act, established a dual-choice provision that required employers with twenty-five or more employees to offer federally certified HMO options alongside traditional indemnity insurance plans.

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Policy covers self, spouse, kid and parents. In the family floater policy the sum insured remains fixed i.

In the early- and mids, Blue Cross insurance practiced a community ratings system. The community ratings system was replaced by experience-rated premiums in which premiums are established based on the anticipated cost of insuring a specific individual or demographic subgroup Carlstrom, Plans that use cost-containment and utilization reviews to balance conflicting needs of employer and employee by steering employees away from high-cost inpatient hospital stays and providing financial incentives to use lower-cost alternatives.

Health Insurance Research Paper Starter

New India Assurance Company offers option of cashless or reimbursement facility for their claims. Issues addressed include benefit plans, government regulation, benefit financing, and member perception of benefits.

Government Regulation of Commercial Health Insurance The federal government regulates commercial or private health insurance. Pooling, self-funding, captive insurance, and voluntary employee beneficiary associations VEBA. The history of Blue Cross insurance or premium pricing is illustrative of premium pricing history for the insurance industry as a whole.

For example, hourly-wage workers are less likely to be eligible for group health insurance through their employers than salaried workers. Point of Service Plans: To avail the cashless benefits you need to ensure that the hospital sends the cashless request note to the concerned TPA within 24 hours from the time of admission.

Individuals have historically chosen private health insurance plans based on factors such as availability, eligibility, individual health needs and history, pre-existing health conditions, the services provided, the costs and affordability, the location of services, and limitations on services.

Employers finance employee benefit plans through four main tactics or approaches: The community rating system refers to a pricing method used by insurers that establishes premiums based on the cost of insuring specific geographic areas.

Variables that effect plan financing include government regulations, organizational resources, plan sponsor and plan members relationship and negotiations, plan enrollment, and plan coverage.

New India Assurance Company has always won accolades for: Group health insurance is generally available through an employer. Insurance companies such as the Blues have not been enthusiastic about health care reform.

Topics covered include employer-sponsored health insurance, fee-for-service plans, managed fee-for-service plans, health maintenance organizations HMOpreferred provider organizations PPOpoint of service plans POSMedicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

Discount in premium for family cover.

The main government health insurance programs include Medicaid and Medicare. For example, in past, it was likely that anyone who wanted private coverage would have to undergo a thorough medical examination. To avail the reimbursement benefit you need to intimate the TPA or your health insurance specialized broker within 48 from the date of admission in the hospital and submission of claim files within 30 days from the date of discharge.

Claim settlement from New India Assurance Company: The entire section is 5, words. Employee-Sponsored Health Insurance The design of employee-sponsored health insurance and employee benefit plans in general has changed significantly since the s.

Employee health benefit plans generally include coverage such as the COBRA provision to provide some workers and their families with the right to continue their health coverage for a limited time after the loss of a job, primary medical care, hospitalization coverage, mental health benefits, newborn and maternity health benefits, and cancer rights protections.

Keywords Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance; Fee-for-Service Plans; Health Care Reform; Health Insurance; Health Maintenance Organizations; Medicaid; Medicare; Preferred Provider Organizations Insurance Overview Health insurance, which refers to the insurance against bodily injury, disablement, or death by accident or accidental means, or the expense thereof, or against disablement or expense resulting from sickness, is available in the United States through government and private providers.

The federal government regulates and oversees how employee benefit plans are financed to protect the interests of the labor force and their families. To avail the facility the hospital would require Photo id proof of the patient and TPA ID card along with the duly filled cashless request form.The New India Assurance Company is the largest general insurance player with a turnover of INR Cr.

in the health insurance industry.

Mediclaim Products from The New India Assurance Company

New India Assurance Company offers couple of Health Insurance or Mediclaim Products for individuals. Sample Research Paper on Health Care System The aim of this research paper is to discuss and compare two health care systems in the USA, the GPs and NHS systems, the relation between expenditure on these systems and efficiency of them.

FICCI is deeply indebted to the Health Insurance Advisory Group for focussing on Health Insurance Fraud as one of the areas of intervention. to deliberate upon the issue and come up with a working paper on health insurance abuse and fraud management for the practitioners within the health insurance industry and to to.

Emerging Health Insurance in India – An overview. By J Anita. Introduction. This paper attempts to discuss the following areas: Mediclaim policy, Cancer Insurance policy, Bhavishya Arogya policy, Dreaded disease policy, Health Guard, Critical illness policy, Group Health insurance policy, Shakti Shield etc.

The Mediclaim scheme run by the govern-ment-owned General Insurance Corporation (GIC) of India is currently the only private voluntary health insurance scheme available in. In this paper we will look specifically at health insurance plans and issues that each of us can face with, while choosing the health insurance package.

The analysis of this research will be limited to and focus on the insurance plans and health insurance systems in the US.

Management research paper on health insurance mediclaim
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