New hampshire history

Inthe final separation of Massachusetts and New Hampshire took place, at which time a separate governor was appointed for each. In Exeter was founded by John Wheelwright. By the end of the colonial period the seat of government was at Portsmouth, and there were chartered towns in the province. The state department of health and human services employs about one-third of all state employees.

Among other service activities that also have grown significantly are insurance and banking, medical and health care establishments, miscellaneous business services, and wholesale and retail trade.

The primary contemporary reminder of Native American inhabitation is in place-names such as Lake Winnipesaukee, Kancamagus Highway, and Mount Passaconaway. New Hampshire grew very slowly for many years.

New Hampshire

The era of the grand hotels brought thousands of tourists annually to the White Mountains, the lakes region, or the seacoast. The interstate highway system runs to most parts of the state and is complemented by state turnpikes toll roads and a well-developed network of state highways.

New Hampshire has an unusual system for raising revenue.

Colony Of New Hampshire

Awakened by their yells, Waldron arose, seized his sword, and drove them back. Ships for the Continental Navy were built in the Portsmouth shipyards, and the first state constitution was ratified in January of in Exeter.

The first Roman Catholic congregation was established inthe first Roman Catholic school inand a statewide diocese in The seacoast region, which includes PortsmouthDoverExeterand Hampton, has many maritime activities.

An attack in upon Dover, probably perpetrated by Sachem Bomazeenis noteworthy. There are also a few scenic railroads offering rides to tourists. Further, the grand hotels were to reap a diminishing percentage of the tourist trade after World War I as good roads and the automobile brought increasing numbers of less-affluent tourists to tourist homes, teahouses, tourist cottages, and roadside camps.

In the state legislature adopted a statewide education property taxwhich was put into effect the following year. Similar barbarities were enacted at other houses in the village, yet it is said that a woman was spared because of her kindness to an Indian shown thirteen years before.

Prior to the Civil War era, New Hampshire was overwhelmingly Democraticbut from then to the Great Depression of the s it was dominated by the Republican s.

The state border is not in the center of that river, as is usually the case, but at the low-water mark on the Vermont side; meaning that the entire river along the Vermont border save for areas where the water level has been raised by a dam lies within New Hampshire.

Over the next two decades, inland settlements were founded at DoverDurham, and Stratham. Fourteen years later Vermont became the first of the states, aside from the original thirteen, to enter the Union.

Sand and gravel are the major minerals produced in terms of both tonnage and value. Since then each decennial count has recorded a growth, except for that ofwhen there was an extensive post-Civil War exodus to the Midwest.New Hampshire: New Hampshire, constituent state of the U.S.

One of the original 13 states, it is located in New England at the northeastern corner of the country. It is bounded to the north by Canada, to the east by Maine and the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by Massachusetts, and to the west by Vermont.

History of New Hampshire

Its capital is Concord. The early story of New Hampshire. Part of an e-text on the history of the United States. Colony Of New Hampshire A Brief History "New Hampshire derives its name from Hampshire County in England, and was first applied to the territory inin honor of Captain John Mason, Governor of Portsmouth, in Hampshire, England, and also the proprietor of the territory now so called.

New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, Vermont to the west, InNew Hampshire became the first state in U.S. history to elect an all-female federal delegation. New Hampshire is one of only nine states that does not require its residents to pay state income tax.

New Hampshire is the only state to have hosted the formal conclusion of a foreign war. Inthe treaty ending the Russo.

Tuck's Gift New Hampshire's Temple of History. The story of the creation of the New Hampshire Historical Society’s landmark headquarters building and of .

New hampshire history
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