Notes on inventory

This might be the product line inventory in the retail store. Meaning of Inventory Control 2. Here, the normal rate of consumption is to be considered.

Not all cultures or systems need to be operated "just in time" but cycle time compression has been the focus of a lot of business strategies this past decade. Normal consumption 2, units p. From the following information calculate Maximum level: Improved service to customers, reduction of costs through operational efficiency and lower investment needs are aimed at through inventory control.

The basic criterion in making these decisions is to minimize total inventory costs, such as the cost to carry inventory, the cost to order inventory, and the item cost, subject to meeting demand for the items. Study Notes on Inventory Control. Meaning of Inventory Control: From the following particulars find out: As we discussed in the last module, services cannot be inventoried, whereas raw material, components, work in process, and finished goods can be buffered anywhere up and down the supply chain.

The best inventory control recognizes this conflict and forces a business which balances or re-conciliates the airs and objectives and then assures faithful compliance with the balance arrived at in day to day operations.

There was inventory all over the place. Time required for delivery months Maximum consumption 2, units p. This is known as lead time.

So, inventory has to be controlled but the basic problem of inventory control is to achieve a balance between operating savings and the costs and capital needs associated with larger stocks. The EOQ can be determined by the application of the following formula: Sometimes inventories have value and are traded for that value.

The Oldsmar operation involved assembly of components into sterilized surgical kits which were then sold to hospitals around the world.

Study Notes on Inventory Control: Meaning, Objectives and Limitations

It is advisable to keep the level as low as possible. Maintenance of various stock levels is very important from costing point of view. Forming the basis for doing business. Excessive quantity of inventories may keep the production continuous and every one may remain satisfied but it must be noted that a huge amount of capital is not locked up.

With low value items, the how much to order and when decisions can be based on simple heuristics or rules of thumb. But we could also speak of blood in a blood bank, cash on hand at a bank, and so forth. From the following information find out reorder level: Inventory control has its limitations undoubtedly.Inventory management refers to management of level of these components.

1 Write short notes on: (a) ABC Analysis of inventory control (b) Economic order quantity. 2 Define safety stock. How is it determined? What is the role of safety stock in inventory management? 3. What is the need for holding inventory? A Short Note on Inventory - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Quick Notes on Inventory Control | Cost Accounting

Search Search. ADVERTISEMENTS: Study Notes on Inventory Control. After reading this article you will learn about: 1. Meaning of Inventory Control 2. Objectives of Inventory Control 3.

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Limitations. Meaning of Inventory Control: Inventory control means control over materials lying in store. The control measure aims at keeping continuous track of inventories.

So, it is not merely record [ ]. Notes about valuing inventory Companies have two inventory issues that must be disclosed in the notes: the basis upon which the company states inventory (lower of cost or market) and the method in use to determine cost.

Note carefully that the maximum inventory level and average inventory level are less than andrespectively, under the EOQ model. This is because the units are not. Chris Caplice ESD// Logistics Systems Oct Inventory Management Material Requirements Planning.

Notes on inventory
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