Pakistan and modern world essay

But he emphasizes that faith alone is not enough if we want to claim our rightful and honorable place in the World. A he addressed the Americans in the University of Kansas City. It was the resolution and faith of the Pakistanis that supported them in this time to solve all these problems and a strong country was created in the world by a determined and brave nation.

The Hindus cheated the Muslims in all the joint movements and left them in lurch. Liaquat Ali Khan was in the United States of America, on this trip the University of Kansas City awarded him an honorary degree for his services rendered to his country.

They had to undergo two world wars as their fuel. Finally, he requests to the Americans to help Pakistan on the path of progress and the United States could do that be lending its fund of knowledge and progress to backward Pakistani nation.

The Muslims rightly feared that the Hindus majority would deny then basic human rights and treat them like slaves. The Muslim and the Hindu factions of India always remained at daggers drawn.

Pakistan and the Modern World

Their leaders and followers all were incompatible with each other. This is the dictate of phase of progress and we can not hold the clock back. Payne He describes the differences of religion, culture and economic institutions, which had made it difficult for the Muslims to continue to live with the Hindus.

So the creation of Pakistan was important for the peace of the world as well as for the development of the Muslims of the sub-continent. However, later on they realize that the creation of Pakistan has made the Asian Continent more stable, also Mr.

The differences between the East and the West have created a wide gulf between the living standards of both the people. This is the only way to create equilibrium in the world.

He was a great patriot, who had deep compassion for human sufferings. They came in conflict at almost every step. These were the times that the eastern people missed due to the tyranny of the West. Liaquat Ali Khan was the first prime minister of Pakistan.

They had no military equipment. The British had to leave their colonies.

Pakistan and Modern World, Urdu Translation, Lecture No 1

Finally he exhorts the West to held in the economic freedom and political stability of Asia. The lower classes had no rights and they were not even a allowed to enter in the cities while Islam was totally opposed to such beliefs and practices. Freedom means to be free in all respects.

As far as the contents of the speech are concerned, these are what that makes the speech all important and interesting.

The peace of the whole world would have been on stake. Civil and military bureaucracy was in the hands of the British or the Hindus. They had very few skilled people. His mission was to introduce to the Americans the newly formed country of Pakistan, to tell the Americans all about Pakistan and to bring the two countries close together.

By the creation of Pakistan, this problem was solved once and for all. Liaquat Ali goes on to say that many people did not agree to the partition of India. Every man has a right to live freely, so is the case with the nations.

The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were the times, when on one hand these oppressed countries of the East were fighting to get themselves free from the clutches of slavery while on the other hand the West was making enormous progress on a very swift pace.

Above all, it was in the interest of the World peace. Just consider if the touch of a Muslim could have corrupted the religion or belief of a Hindu, so there was no question of their living together in harmony. Liaquat Ali Khan ends the speech on an optimistic and hopeful note wanting Pakistan and United States to be friends for all times to come.

Khan emphasizes that our people did not have to learn or acquire these beliefs, as they were latent in the very ideology. He says that Pakistan is based upon the belief in God, democracy, justice and peace.

Even now, when they live in separate countries, they have to fight several wars but if these wars were to take place inside a single country, the extent of danger would have been thousand times more than it is now.

Their ways of living, their history, their heroes, their opinions and their beliefs were totally different. Liaquat Ali Khan also points out the fact that difference of religion between the two nations was not the only cause of division of India.

The Muslims gave the right of private ownership to all whether a man or woman but the Hindus did not. The Muslims believed in one God but the Hindus had many gods. Similarly, they cannot submit to tyranny or aggression because this will mean denying the very ideals of Pakistan.May 30,  · Pakistan and the Modern World Liaqat Ali Khan’s Expectations In his speech at Kansas, Liaquat Ali Khan tried to explain the expectation Pakistan had had from American and Western world.

Page 1 of 29Email: [email protected] Page 2 of 29 1-PAKISTAN AND THE MODERN WORLD By Liaquat Ali Khan B.A Modern Essay (Punjab University Lahore) Search Search/5(52). Oct 19,  · Pakistan and the Modern World Introduction After the creation of Pakistan in the yearMr Liaquat Ali Khan went on an official tour of the United States of America.

Pakistan and the Modern World Q. No. 1: What were the differences between the Hindus and the Muslims? Liaquat Ali Khan was the first prime minister of Pakistan. Pakistan and Modern World is 1st Essay in English Prose in BA English, here is 1st video lecture with Urdu translation.

Oct 12,  · Pakistan and The Modern World Reference The given lines have been extracted from Pakistan and the Modern World, a fine example of oratory and a true chronicle of history.

Pakistan and modern world essay
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