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Oh, I almost forgot about the ending. It is because of how a large wave came and ruined every little thing. Seung-hyun meets Ji-min Reaction paper about movie tidal wave decides to prepare him for a job interviewbut Dong-choon refuses.

Plot[ edit ] Located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, the Haeundae district of Busan draws one million visitors to its beaches every year. Among the ones who were killed is Hyeong-sik.

They were not sure of it at first but they tried looking for it despite of their situation. What was good about this family that was said was their faith that they are still hoping that they will still meet each other and they did.

Also, blowing a comet up only creates more chucks of ice, that basically equals the mass of the entire comet. The Disaster Prevention Agency assures him that South Korea is at no risk, but a megatsunami soon forms near Japan and starts to travel towards Haeundae.

Like I said before, the energy released from the comet would have the same effect regardless if its a solid body or broken up into chucks. I cried when they found every member of their family.

They were so strong to give their best not to give up from looking every member of their family. Directed by Roar Uthaug. A huge explosion results that cuts the bridge in half. Dong-choon, Seung-hyun, his Grandma, and other people on the Gwangan Bridge are swept away by the tsunami.

Young Leo outruns a tidal wave moving MPH on a scooter. Rather, it means the cables were cut! My brows look confused and were not in place while I was watching those people suffering and also the place. The movie ends with the scene of Haeundae in ruins, but in a hopeful atmosphere.

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When Hyeong-sik and the friend are together on the rope, Hyeong-sik realizes that the rope is about to break and only one can go up to the helicopter. But as time passes on, love starts to grow between them. After the tsunami, there is a funeral for the hundreds of thousands of lifeguards and people who were killed in the tsunami.

Hwi realizes that the citizens of Haeundae have only 10 minutes left to escape. The science in this movie is bad, but considering this was probably a summer blockbuster aimed at basically stealing 7 bucks from dumb Americans its OK.

Let me say that again. Was this review helpful? The elevator Yoo-jin is in floods with water, and she talks with tears to her daughter on her portable phone.

She was worried about Dong-choon while Eok-jo was worried about Man-sik. Devin Crim 18 January Warning: Therefore, you would not only still have to deal with the full effects of the impact, but debris would hit more places around the globe.

Yoo-jin apologizes with tears to Hwi and they hug each other in front of a second tsunami before they are killed. This is what I get for procrastinating on homework.

On the roof of the building, Yoo-jin meets her daughter and Hwi. Supervising producer, Jan Erik Langoen. And if the cables were cut, then yes, Chicken Little, the sky is falling. No wonder Sondre decides to get out and rejoin his mother back at the hotel where she works, effectively splitting the family in two.Feb 15,  · Here, I react to a trailer for a new disaster movie, The Wave.

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Like, Share, Comment, and SUBSCRIBE!!! To submit your suggestions, Follow me on Twitter, http. That Tidal wave or Tsunami came and ruin everyone’s happiness To be honest, my face was like a combination of sadness and anger. It is because of how a large wave came and ruined every little thing.

Those people who were so happy enjoying their vacation were left nothing but a very tragic place. Movie Reaction Paper: And the.

The Tidal Waves Essay. Words Jan 25th, 3 Pages. Show More. THE WAVE- “Research the original story” The movie ‘The wave’ is based on a true story that occurred at Cubberely High School, Palo Alto, California. The point of the wave was to experiment and to demonstrate how a typical democratic society can be ‘fascism’.

The movie ends with the scene of Haeundae in ruins, but in a hopeful atmosphere. Cast. Sol Kyung-gu the film was released as Tidal Wave on DVD on October 12, from Man-sik kicks a dog. Hyeong-cheol gets a extremely serious allergic reaction from the fish!

Yeon-hee gets sued. Man-sik goes to Poison Control, (He ate Liquid Soap or.

Film Review: ‘The Wave’

I tried really hard to find something to like about this movie since I am a fan of Morgan Freeman, but the final scene where the kid outruns the tidal wave on a motorcycle was the last straw.

I want my two hours back! May 08,  · Watch video · Deep Impact is more than just a movie, it is an experience, and one that should be had by all. A wonderful, wonderful film. 91 of people found this review helpful/10(K).

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