Romeo and juliet diary essay

The only thing I now must be worried about is whether she is ok, and if everything will go according to plan. How would she get any of my news? I dreamt that she came and found me dead and breathed such life with kisses into my lips that I revived and was an emperor!

Both of these worlds teach each other many different things and influence each other in every way. Puritan society looked at adultery in a whole other perspective.

I have sent a loyal friend to look on Juliet while I stay and hide in the hut which I am standing in right now, and see whether everything is ok on her side. Also, when we were out walking a servant from the House of Capulet asked us to read a party invitation for him.

She is so rich in beauty, so fair and wise. She is a thirteen-year-old girl, she is one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever laid eyes on, and her eyes reminded me of starts lighting upon a dark night.

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Many people have the chance to love in their life time, but many people experience it in different ways. Who really knows the answer? His final leadership quality was his intelligence. Romeo and Juliet Diary Entries Dear diary, as it is the first time I am writing to you, I would like to tell a little concerning myself.

This particular instance applies to the factor of circumstances because the fact that Romeo has just married Juliet means that he feels that it would be wrong to kill his almost brother in law.

It Shows The Negative Effects Of Industrialization words - 2 pages The industrial world has had many good, as well as bad effects on American society. I cannot explain my actions, Tybalt killed my best friend and out of anger I just thrust him with my sword.

Thursday 23rd July Dear Journal, I keep having such joyous dreams! Not that I have a high regard for myself, but I have to say that I am quite attractive, bright and sensitive.

They seem to forecast some great news. Malcolm x Essay words - 3 pages Malcolm-XMalcolm-X was a great leader and many of his leadership qualities were shown in his autobiography.

So many things have happened these past few days. In the novel, Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert, the character of Emma has two different lovers, who present an impossible romantic ideal that she aspires to.

Even though she is of the enemy family, I thought that in any cases love was possible, and that without letting both siblings know I could forever be with her, and that in any cases we could run away together. I would do anything to go back in the past and change the fight which happened.Get access to Romeo And Juliet Diary Entries Essays only from Anti Essays.

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Juliet Capulet Diary Essay

Romeo And Juliet Journal Essay Words | 6 Pages. Romeo and Juliet Journal Act I: Hi. I am Roberto Montague, Romeo's cousin. This is the first of five entries to this journal. Many things happened today.

Romeo and Juliet – Romeos’ diary Essay

Some of these things are that Sampson and Gregory were talking, and then Abram and Balthasar entered the room. Romeo and Juliet – Romeos’ diary. O brawling love!

O loving hate! O anything, of nothing first create! O heavy lightness! Serious vanity! Misshapen chaos of. Romeo;s Diary essaysJason Weingarten English Per.

6 Rosaline, Rosaline, how I love you Rosaline. That is something the old Romeo would have said but the new Romeo loves Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet Diary Entries

I know it sounds sudden, but Rosaline was just puppy love. I can't really explain it, but once I sa. Read this full essay on Juliet Capulet Diary. Day 1Dear Diary,The most amazing and magical thing happened to me today at the masquerade! I believe I am in lo. Romeo and Juliet. 11/21/10 Romeo and Juliet Essay For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This is commonly known as Newton’s third law of motion and it .

Romeo and juliet diary essay
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