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Sequential manual transmission

Instead of a manual Sequential gearboxes lever, the driver is provided with usually a pair of flipper paddles on the steering wheel. One commercial example of this type of automatic transmission is the Tiptronic transmission.

Motorsport Gearboxes

Quaife is reactive to external requirements and is constantly evolving its gearbox range to suit market demands. User shifting through buttons or lever does not necessarily mean that the transmission is a manual transmission.

Sequential gearboxes are also used in nearly all modern motorcycles as it is too cumbersome to have a conventional H-pattern shifter and would take up too much space in the confines of a motorcycle frame. Only a true sequential transmission has a shift mechanism that operates in this way.

This type of paddle-shift system fitted to race and rally cars should not be confused with most of the current crop of paddle-shift systems fitted to some high-end road cars. The Sequential gearboxes push-pull action of the shift mechanism also lends itself to semi-automatic control using either hydraulic or pneumatic actuators—a system often referred to as paddle-shift.

This enables the transmission of higher torque loadings than road transmissions and faster ratio selection, while users can exploit a choice of close ratio gear sets and final drive ratios where available to further optimise performance.

These systems often use a dual-clutch transmission or a conventional torque converter automatic transmission which allow driver input to select the gears.


The paddle-shift system will use a sophisticated electronic control unit to provide the necessary logic to operate the shift mechanism. Sequential manual transmissions work by providing the driver with the ability to select the gear directly before or after the gear currently engaged.

How Sequential Gearboxes Work

For product selection advice, please contact the Quaife Technical Sales Team. Contact Us Motorsport Gearboxes Quaife motorsport gearboxes are proven globally to deliver robust transmission excellence, season after season.

Rally cars often utilize just a double-acting single paddle: Dog engagement enables rapid ratio selection without the performance or wear compromises of the synchromesh mechanism and is largely intended for motorsport use, whereas the helical variants of Quaife gearboxes are equally at home in a road environment.

This rotary action turns a selector drum sometimes called a barrel which has three or four tracks machined around its circumference. Formula One cars of the s made the most high-profile debut of this technology in motor sports, and enhanced variations on this theme are still in use in many forms of road racing and drag racing today.

Running in the tracks are the selector forks, either directly, or via selector rods. Perceptions[ edit ] Although a sequential manual transmission can depending on the model offer faster shift speeds and thus faster race times, many road-car-driving enthusiasts prefer a standard manual transmission, which—with a clutch pedal and the ability to skip gears—allows more driver input and a more traditional driving experience.

Available for a variety of popular vehicle installations and drivetrain formats, Quaife motorsport gearboxes use high strength, contemporary tooth form technology and gear engagement design combined with wide shaft centre layouts.

These tracks deviate around the circumference and as the drum rotates, the selector forks running in the tracks are moved to select the required gear.

Usually the shift lever is pulled back to select the adjacent higher gear and pushed forwards to select the adjacent lower gear.Elite Racing Transmissions is a UK Manufacturer of motorsport gears and gearboxes. With an internal design team we offer full design and build services.

HGT Precision manufacture the worlds best 6, 5 & 4 Speed sequentially shifted, dog engaged gearboxes for race cars. T6 billet case, DIN5-DIN6 straight cut gears, made in an ISO accredited factory culminate in HGT having some of the strongest, quietest and most reliable racing transmissions, with torque ratings to nm/ftlb.

Sep 05,  · How does a sequential gearbox work? How do Formula 1 transmission work? In this video I explain the complexities behind a sequential. Power Tranmission | AutomationDirectBest Value in Automation · Best Documentation · Free Shipping Over $49Types: Worm Gearboxes, Timing Belts and Pulleys, Drive Couplings, Servo Gearboxes.

Sequential transmissions are commonly found on motorbikes, where the action of selecting gear is limited to the next higher or lower gear; selecting a specific gear, as is possible in an H-pattern gearbox, is not possible in a sequential transmission.

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Specifications of the EP Tuning 6 Speed Sequential Fully dogged 6 & 7 speed gear sets (including reverse) Internal oil pump & spray-bar (with external fittings for oil cooler/filter) Bell housing designed to fit K20/2ZZ with anything from std flywheel-clutch to multi-plate race clutches 3 bearing shafts for maximum strength 14mm wide gears on 86mm .

Sequential gearboxes
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