Smu doctoral dissertation competition

June 7, Fall term: Effects of Changes in Requirements A student must meet the residence and grade requirements in effect at the time that the student enters. Of these 24 term-hours, 18 credit hours must be in the taxation area. All students must earn a minimum of 58 term hours of credit at this school.

Q. Where can I find a dissertation or thesis online?

December 5, Upload your thesis or dissertation at: C A student entering the program must have an average of C or 2. This program is intended for highly qualified candidates seeking a legal academic career or a high level, policy-oriented governmental or inter-governmental position.

All such service must be performed at an approved Smu doctoral dissertation competition placement. Please schedule an appointment in advance to discuss any corrections or potential problems.

At least 64 of the credit hours earned toward graduation must be in courses that require attendance in regularly scheduled classroom sessions or direct faculty instruction.

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To satisfy this requirement, a course must be primarily experiential in nature and must: Dees will ensure that the format is compliant with SMU standards. May 19, Summer term: Students may perform this service after they have completed two semesters of law school.

A Residence in the School of Law for no fewer than two terms if a full-time student and no fewer than three terms if a part-time student. In computing the period, any time during which the candidate was in active U.

Externship hours excluding companion classroom component hours in an externship academic program 2. Nature of the Degree The S. This means that they must complete one or more experiential course s totaling at least six credit hours. Tuition and Fees For the first year of the program, S.

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A thesis is either approved or disapproved; it is not graded. Except with special permission of the Committee on Graduate Legal Studies, all full-time students in this program must begin their studies in the fall term. Public service used to fulfill this requirement cannot be compensated work nor can it be work for which academic or student organization points are awarded.

This step is mandatory. M Degree To receive the general LL. They will normally also take one basic J. After the supervising professor approves the thesis, the student must submit four copies of the thesis to the Committee on Graduate Legal Studies at least 60 days before the date on which the student seeks to receive the degree.

The degree of Doctor of Juridical Science S. LaTex is the preferred formatting tool to use and will make the formatting process much easier. Doctor of Juridical Science S.

Law review hours 5. The Primary Supervisor must have particular expertise in the S. April 9, Summer term: C Completion of all requirements within 36 months from the date of initial registration as a graduate law student.

August 7, Fall term: This fee will be set at the beginning of each term. Classes that fulfill this requirement will be labeled "EW" in the registration materials. Dees will ensure that the copy deposited is compliant with SMU standards.Where can I find a dissertation or thesis online?

I want to find dissertations or theses written on a subject. Toggle menu visibility. Ask a Librarian. Search. Browse: All; In addition to dissertations and theses written at SMU, you can find documents from institutions around the world.

Dissertations or theses written from forward are. The materials listed below, as well as the electronic thesis, praxis or dissertation are required by the last day of instruction in order for the student to be a degree recipient.

Note: All Theses and Dissertations must be submitted electronically. The dissertation must represent and show evidence of substantial doctoral-level research work. The dissertation must display significant legal analyses on a doctoral-level subject.

The dissertation must be of a publishable quality according to acceptable U.S. law review standards. Home / Singapore Management University (SMU)’s PhD Dissertations.

Singapore Management University (SMU)’s PhD in Business Graduates Dissertation and for firms operating in market with lower degree of competition or market disciplining.

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SMU Doctoral Blog. Nominations are invited for this year's Dissertation Prize Competition, sponsored by the INFORMS Society on Transportation Science and Logistics.

This award is the oldest and most prestigious honor for doctoral dissertations in the transportation science and logistics area.

Dissertation Prize -- Application Process

Singapore Management University (SMU)’s PhD in Psychology Graduates Dissertation. Results showed that identity cues moderated female businesspersons’ G-PII to affect their competition and personal negotiation outcomes, hence it provided some support to the DIAIM model.

Smu doctoral dissertation competition
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