The importance of wearing a clean uniform

From the above we have seen the Importance of the various components which an officer on guard duty should have so as to ensure maximum protection. Equivalent of civilian black tie. A strict uniform gives the impression that rules are strict too, perhaps helping maintain a sense of order at school.

Our new uniform looks smarter, which is good. Uniform also means to be the same, and without any difference. A clean uniform lets the customer know their food is being cooked keeping hygiene in mind.

Sometimes uniforms are made mandatory by the organizations like schools, work places like hospitals, restaurants etc. According to Fotion and Gerardthere are many security issues surrounding troops when they are out in the field.

Uniforms also depict solidarity, and this has been this way through out, right from the days of the Roman Empire to the modern day manufacturing houses.

The officer should also have a weapon ready for battle whenever he is guarding a secure location with the possibility of an attack Fotion and Gerard, The guards on duty need also to communicate effectively between themselves so that whenever an issue arises during the guard process they are able to address the issue immediately.

Note that the Webelos belt buckle will fit either the blue or the olive belt, but the belt loop recognitions for the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program fit only on the blue web belt.

Why Is It Important to Wear Clean Clothes?

The soldier at this point needs to understand his instructions and act only according to the prescriptions of the code of conduct and other orders specified by the sergeant of the guard with regard to the given operation. This is also one reason why businesses in this industry insist on employees wearing a uniform.

In order to carry out his duties well the soldier will have to understand his instructions therefore the sergeant of guard will be faced with the responsibility of ensuring that all the soldiers on guard are given the information and orders with regard to the duties they have to perform during the guard operation.

Webelos Scouts wear an olive cap with a plain panel bearing the Webelos logo. The utilitarian necessities of war and economic frugality are now the dominant factors in uniform design. Usually each country has its own different police uniform. Medical workers[ edit ] Uniforms can distinguish various categories of staff in medical institutions: Uniforms are very important and fosters traits which are very necessary for a person as an individual and an organization as a whole to thrive and prosper.Body odor can also occur wearing clothes with the bacteria and fungi found on them.

The National Health Service states that everyone has bacteria inside and outside the body. Clothes capture the bacteria, making them risky to wear again without washing.

The importance of a clean uniform essaysThe Importance of a Clean Uniform: On September 11,about a dozen men dressed in yellow coats and pants ran up to a building to rescue people that were either trapped inside or jumping to avoid the heat arising from the flames.

What's the point of school uniform?

The Importance of Wearing the Proper Uniform The proper wear of the uniform is a very important key to our military success. One key factor is having strong discipline. Discipline is defined as behavior in accordance with rules of conduct behavior and order maintained by training and control (

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I failed to meet the standards. A Uniform Approach to HACCP. June 1, • By Al Baroudi, Phd. Tweet; Avoid wearing jewelry while handling or preparing food.

customers should expect more than just clean garments. Uniform and work apparel companies must offer specialized HACCP-conscious uniform programs to companies whose success is dependent on.

Buy The Importance of the Uniform Standard in the Army essay paper online Maintenance of discipline and standard while in the armed forces is a very important aspect. It greatly assists in ensuring that duties are carried out according to the orders prescribed in the army code of conduct. Wearing a clean and neatly pressed uniform, whether you belong to a school, private service or public organization shows the respect you have for that organization.

Uniforms are an important part of life, seen in the restaurant industry, healthcare, school system, government and much more.

The importance of wearing a clean uniform
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