The origins of the lakes and mountains

Volcanic Activity Volcanic Activity Indirectly controlled by tectonic activity, volcanism can also create lakes. The Hoover Dam, finished inprovided power and recreational activities on the lake behind it, Lake Mead.

Algonquian for "north wind. The Lake Maliy Allo is stretched along the river Zindon by its right bank. Some of them are located at the height of more than four thousand meters above sea level. As riverine erosion occurs, sediments are collected and deposited downstream in the process.

Interestingly, cryogenic and thermokarst lakes are becoming more common, probably as a result of global climate change and the consequent warming of the arctic. One copy may be printed for personal use.

More than ten of them exceed meters and have walls with difference in heights up to m. By its form, the lake resembles a triangular, as big as three and half square kilometers and reaches seventy meters in depth.

Fedchenko area ,7 square km, length 77 kmGrumm-Grzhimaylo area Often, these lakes may be young in origin and disappear with floods and higher water flow. These are heights of Bodkhon m. The force of water rushing along a riverine flowpath can be tremendous and lead to extensive erosion.

This area is located about km to the south of Khujand city. The Great Lakes in the U. The Usoy village was buried under a huge stone mass. This example playa lake is extremely shallow and may completely evaporate occasionally. Alichur, Murghab, Rangkul and etc. Other Mechanisms Erosive forces have the power to form other types of lakes.

The walls have heights drops up to m. In many places softer and less resistant rocks, such as shale, were deeply carved and gouged by ice erosion. Pamir Mountains Almost the entire territory of the Western Pamirs is occupied with ridges of latitudinal direction: Kettle lakes are also sometimes referred to as pothole lakes.

Thus the sites of these two lakes were predestined by events that occurred more than million years ago. Absolutely light blue and sometimes emerald green the lake is placed in between bushes of birch, willow and sea-buckthorn. The bluish —green water of the lake is quite cold, but one can easily swim by the lake side and in close bays is summer times.

High concentration of volcanic minerals and few nutrients typically yield little productivity in these lakes, which means they are typically clear and deep blue in color.

Chukurak, Beliy whiteand Ziyorat. When the roof of a volcanic crater caves in, a larger caldera may form a crater lake, such as the aptly named Crater Lake in Oregon, U. The Pleistocene glacier found the weak spots, evident as gorges cut in the ancient rocks, as for example the downwarped trough where Lake Superior now lies.

They relate to the system of the Pasrud River. Three maars in the Vulkaneifel region of Germany. Iroquoianerige, meaning "cat". The location and shape of Lake Superior was determined by events in Keweenawan time, some 1, million years ago.

Glaciers and ice can create lakes in other unique ways.

Lakes & Mountains

Thus, the pre-glacial stream valleys cut in the softer rocks and the edges of the Michigan Basin were widened and deepened into the Great Lakes.

One of the most beautiful are considered Alaudin Chapdara. During one of his stop his favourate horse — Bucefal drowned in the lake. Named for the Iroquois people of Ontario.Origin of Lakes I. General background A.

There are a few large lakes, but ponds dominate numerically (85%) B.

List of placenames of indigenous origin in the Americas

Lake districts C. Necessity of positive water balance. List of place names of Native American origin in the United States. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Lake Origins

Many Lakes and Rivers Chicago River - for the Miami-Illinois word Shikaakwa, wild leek; Sheboygan, Wisconsin (of obscure but likely Algonquian origins, it may derive from "Shawb-wa-way-kum".

Mountains often serve as geographic features that define natural borders of countries. Their height can influence weather patterns, stalling storms that roll off the oceans and squeezing water.

Ever wonder how lakes form? More on lake origins and the ways that water bodies become lakes. Lake origins. Lakes & Mountains. There are about lakes at the territory of Tajikistan.

Some of them are located at the height of more than four thousand meters above sea level. The country is rich with wonderful lakes that have various origins.

List of place names of Native American origin in the United States

The biggest salty and closed lake is Karakul that is located to the south of the Zaalay range at the height of. List of placenames of indigenous origin in the Americas.

Jump to navigation Jump to search Many places throughout North, NB Too many settlements, lakes, rivers, mountains and other items in British Columbia have indiegenous names for all of them to be included here.

Only major or relatively notable items are listed.

The origins of the lakes and mountains
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