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Meursault has no reason to kill the Arab, nor does he construct one. Here he implicitly denies the existence of The stranger meursaults trial essay, and thus denies morality, as well as the "external" meaning if it may be so distinguished from the internal or individual existential meaning of life and death.

His rush of anger cleanses him and empties him of hope, thus allowing him finally to open up -- completely and for the last time -- to the "benign indifference of the universe" Meursault kills one of the Arabs in a moment of confusion, partially out of self-defense, but does not regret it eve though it means going to prison and, ultimately, being executed.

How do different characters react to this irrationality? When she asks, he tells Marie that he probably does not love her, and he answers her questions about marriage with similar indifference. The loss of a life would have no significance — no affect on life as a whole; and the universe itself is apparently totally indifferent to everything.

At one point, she explicitly states that she loves Meursault for his peculiarities. Meursault, on the contrary, seems to have very little affection for Marie, whose appeal to him is predominantly physical. Camus demonstrates that the world of The Stranger is irrational by excluding from the text any logical explanation for the events of the novel.

He describes little about their interaction other than their physical contact. This is evidence by his detailed descriptions. The Fiction of J.

In this connection, it must be admitted that he is externally very sensitive and aware, despite his lack of self-understanding and emotional response. Now he begins to see the value of each moment of the life before death.

Otherwise, he hardly thinks of her. Why sentenced by a French court rather than a Chinese one? The fact that Marie asks these questions shows that she feels at least some emotional attachment to Meursault.

Richard Penner was professor of English at the University of Tennessee. Meursault, on the other hand, is absolutely certain about his own life and forthcoming death. He even says that if forced to live in a hollow tree truck, he would be content to watch the sky, passing birds, and clouds In dwelling on the chance of an appeal, he is forced to consider the possibility of denial and thus of execution; therefore, he must face the fact of his death — whether it comes now or later.

Camus seems to use the extent to which each character accepts or attempts to defy the irrationality of the universe as a signal of his or her personal worth.

He realizes that he always been happy. When he hears Salamano, a neighbor, weeping over his lost dog which has evidently diedMeursault thinks of his mother — but he is unaware of the association his mind has made.In his novel The Stranger 1, Albert Camus gives expression to his philosophy of the absurd.

Before his trial, Meursault passes the time in prison by sleeping, by reading over and over the newspaper story about the (unrelated) murder of a Czech, and by recreating a mental picture of his room at home in complete detail, down to the scratches.

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"The Stranger" - Meursault's Trial Essay Words 5 Pages After only a few days of trial, the jury in The Stranger declares that the main character, Meursault, is to.

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Suggested Essay Topics; Study Questions. 1. How do we know the world of The Stranger is irrational? How do different characters react to this irrationality? A third inexplicable occurrence is the scheduling of Meursault’s trial just before the trial of a son who killed his father.

The prosecutor argues that Meursault’s crime opened.

The stranger meursaults trial essay
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