Why is our pollution bad

We are already seeing its effects in the form of global warming, contaminated seafood, increased cases of lung diseases and more.

Furthermore, noise pollution has severe health effects on both human beings and animals. In addition, air pollution may lead to the formation of smog. Exposure to UV rays may cause skin cancer and other related diseases on human beings. Moreover, water pollution through oil spills and improper disposal of industrial wastes may lead to loss of marine wildlife.

Although eutrophication occurs naturally, humans Why is our pollution bad the problem by increasing the causative substances that enter water systems.

The exposure of human beings to contaminated water may result in skin irritation and rashes. A polluted beach causes rashes, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, encephalitis, stomach aches and vomiting.

We may still save what is left of our natural resources and make the world a better place to live in for our future generation.

Excessive soil pollution can lead to serious water contamination and can therefore create huge environmental damage.

Why Is Environmental Pollution Bad?

Contaminated soil is anything but a safe place to grow food on because the different harmful chemicals can reach into the bodies of living organisms once they digest the affected food. Pollution from oil spills: These gasses results in the formation of acid rain.

Light pollution is especially harmful for nocturnal animals as it can disrupt their navigational ability. Diseases such as amoebiasis, typhoid and hookworm are caused by polluted drinking water. In addition to polluting water, they may be consumed by shellfish, which means they enter the food system, too.

The deposition of chemical wastes in landfills and open dumpsites results in soil infertility. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest There are many different reasons why pollution is bad for our environment.

How Does Pollution Affect Humans?

Smog reduces penetration of sunlight to the ground surface hence limiting plant photosynthesis. This has serious consequences on the natural balance of the marine ecosystem.

Keep up with Mother Nature

Sometimes, this is because of polluted urban run off from sewers and drainpipes, or from animal feces entering the water system as a result of agricultural practices. Knowing is the first step to change. These radioactive wastes are hazardous to both plant and animal life hence lands with such wastes cannot be economically utilized.

This layer protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet UV radiation from the sun. Articles discussing different forms of pollution. Coughing and wheezing are common symptoms observed on city folks. In the following paragraphs, we will enumerate the consequences of releasing pollutants in the environment.

We play in rivers, lakes and streams — we live near bodies of water. We live in an ecosystem where the action of one has the potential to affect the many. Long-term exposure to high noise levels may cause hearing loss, stress or even disturbance of sleep. Our mistakes has polluted the environment that we live in and Why is our pollution bad are waking up and owning to the fact.

Plants grown on polluted soils are unsuitable for human consumption since toxins in the soil may find their way up the food chain hence may cause harm to human beings. The scenes of animals trapped in oil spill are horrific to watch, especially birds once they ingest oil that covers their feathers as this causes serious kidney damage, altered liver function, and digestive tract irritation, resulting in deaths of many birds.

Tons of hazardous waste thrown out Globally, this year TheWorldCounts, 06 August, We live off the Earth… Since we share everything on Earth with every living thing on the planet, what happens in one area affects everything too, no matter how far away.

Sea animals such as dolphins and whales are among most affected species because they rely heavily on their hearing sense and therefore noise pollution can make their daily activities such as hunting for prey and navigation very difficult, which can lead to decline in species.

We are trying to reverse the damage.Nov 11,  · Along with carbon dioxide, power plants spew chemicals like nitrogen and sulfur into the air. Reducing this pollution is good for our lungs — but. Apr 20,  · Noise pollution: Noise pollution is often neglected form of pollution that can be pretty bad for our environment.

Noise pollution coming from cars and industry can have negative impact on nearby ecosystem by frightening animals and changing their preferred habitats. Air pollution results in decreased air quality due to the introduction of harmful particles in the atmosphere.

Long-term exposure to such polluted air may cause chest pains, throat inflammation, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory problems. Air pollution refers to the release of pollutants into the air that are detrimental to human health and the planet as a whole.

The Clean Air Act authorizes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect public health by regulating the emissions of these harmful air pollutants. Here are the planet's most severe pollution threats and the health problems associated with them.

How Does Pollution Affect Humans? Pollution or the introduction of different forms of waste materials in our environment has This can be a good or a bad.

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Why is our pollution bad
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