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The bitter, vicious arguments. Abortion happens because we, men and women, are human and flawed. Since then his Fine Gael-lead coalitions have survived years of political turbulence and mass protests against austerity.

I again wrote to you on 22nd May detailing my concerns and reservations which we also discussed on the day of my resignation and again when we met in your office on 12th June The organisations that make up VISPA have faced large cuts in State funding in the last few years and have largely managed to deal with these internally, by reducing staff pay and not replacing staff.

Atheist Ireland's open letter to Enda Kenny

Time For Compassionate Abortion Law. The service grants payable to services funded or part-funded by the HSE should not be further reduced. The year-old former teacher, born in Mayo, is the longest-serving member of the Irish parliament, having first been elected in And there you are, my polar opposite around this issue: No Further cuts in allowances or in service grants to services for people who are blind and vision impaired Dear Taoiseach, The four key agencies working with and on behalf of people who are blind or vision impaired NCBI, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, St.

I believe it is in the public interest that there be transparency to the issues raised by me in this letter. Alan Shatter Please share and like: Learn more Newsletter Please enter a valid email address Thank you for signing up! I write as a freethinker, who can say with Voltaire, that even if I disapprove of what you say, I will defend your right to say it.

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A fluent Irish speaker, former Gaelic footballer and mountain climber, Kenny also drew praise for his attack on the Vatican in for downplaying the child abuse scandal that had engulfed the Catholic church in Ireland.

Usually, we know them only by letter, most famously Ms X. I believe transparency is important. She told us how, and why, this amendment was bad law, how Irishwomen would suffer under it, how it was almost inevitable that women would die.

To include people with sight loss and all people with disabilities in having to participate further in making national sacrifices to rectify our chronic financial state of affairs, will be to undermine the investment in building a national disability strategy through which people with disabilities are supported to maximise their independence and to reduce the burden of care on the state through the over use of costly primary care services.

However, any further cuts will have a direct effect on service provision. I am asking that this be done so that continuing damage is not wrongly caused to my good name and reputation by the content of the Guerin Report. I grew tired, Enda, and I drew back, though I knew this was unfinished business.

He has led the centre-right Fine Gael party for 15 years and been prime minister since You know that within a decent legal and medical framework, the women of Ireland can be trusted, as well as anyone, to do what is best.

Enda Kenny urges Trump to help undocumented Irish living in US Read more In what was described as an emotional parliamentary party meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Kenny is reported to have asked: You will recall that, prior to my resignation from Government on 7th Mayand in my resignation letter, I detailed to you some of my reservations concerning the manner in which the Guerin Inquiry was conducted and the lack of fair procedures.

We Knew Irish Women Would Die Back inwhen I was 23 years old, I heard a young, pro-choice lawyer called Mary Robinson predict this very outcome if that eighth constitutional amendment was ratified.

Unfortunately, those proceedings were unsuccessful in the High Court. As you know, as a consequence of no steps of any nature being taken in response to the concerns raised by me, I believed I had no choice but to issue Court proceedings, within the prescribed time limit, challenging the manner in which Mr Guerin carried out his Independent Inquiry.

There is no shame in being a woman who knows that life is too much for her right now to be able to give birth, to carry and bear and raise another life through all the years of parenting it takes a bring a human child to adulthood.

There are also no statutory provisions which detail the parameters of any such inquiry nor which prescribe the extent to which it may express conclusions or opinions in relation to individuals or merely frame questions to be better addressed by a Commission of Investigation.

And I write as one of the offshore Irish, who spoke outside the Irish embassy in London last week to honour the memory of Savita Halappanavar and urge your government to respond appropriately to her death. This article is over 1 year old Enda Kenny is to resign after 15 years at the helm of the party.

Kenny has been under growing internal party pressure over his failure to secure a majority government in the general election in and his handling of a series of crises in the Irish police. I write as a mother of two, now grown, who has penned articles about this question from many perspectives and written a novel about Irish freedom, which centres on an year-old who terminated, as so many have, an Irish pregnancy in Engand.

There is no more shame in needing an abortion than there is shame in being a soldier, or in being poor, or homeless. I drew back from the hatred and horrors of Irish abortion politics.Atheist Ireland's open letter to Enda Kenny Signatories urge taoiseach to honour pledge to hold referendum, noting that Pakistan has proposed adopting Irish blasphemy law as part of efforts to.

May 17,  · Enda Kenny, Prime Minister of Ireland, Will Resign. Image. Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister, at a news conference in Brussels in April.

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DUBLIN — Enda Kenny, Ireland’s prime minister. Open Letter to Enda Kenny Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) About Abortion Rights in Ireland Orna Ross Novelist and Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors.

Open Letter to Enda Kenny Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) About Abortion Rights in Ireland

Letter from Alan Shatter to An Taoiseach re O'Higgins Commission Report An Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny TD Government Buildings Dublin 2 12th May Dear Taoiseach I write to you in connection with the O’Higgins Commission Report and, in particular, Chapter The findings of the O’Higgins Report, like the earlier Cooke and Fennelly.

Aug 06,  · Who do you address your cover letter to when applying for a post. Have an ad here on educationposts and the school address is FAO: secretary, board of management then the address.

In my cover letters to other schools I usually find out the principals name and put it in. If it says write to enda kenny, don't be a smart fool and addreSs it to.

Twitter has reacted to Enda Kenny's resignation speech in the Dáil today. Twitter reacts to the resignation of Enda Kenny.

Mr Kenny had to, of course, mention his native Mayo in his final.

Write a letter to enda kenny
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