Writing a personal reference letter for a coworker

Each letter will, of course, be different, but good letters share certain key features. If you do not have an existing relationship with the recipient, introduce yourself in the first paragraph. Throughout the hiring process, the applicant strives to present herself in the best light.

Doe has inspired me to achieve higher goals, because he encouraged me to reach out past my boundaries. If asked to write this letter, the writer should be able to honestly recommend the applicant for the position.

Use strong verbs but do not exaggerate. Why Are Recommendation Letters Important? They must also be typed in a legible and professional font. Why are they important, and what makes some stand out over others? Start with the most important information and go directly to the point.

Alice can plan, create, and market IT content and build a global presence for Globex Tech. In short, Alice is a person with vision. For you to write good reference letters, you need to know the candidates well to be able to express their best character.

If someone who feels like a relative stranger asks you to write a letter, you might consider declining or recommending someone else to write it. Conclude with your contacts and signature. These articles may interest you.

Alice is poised to step into a role of editorial management for a content program with the potential for global reach. Giving brief examples, discuss why you feel the person will be a great addition to office and work culture. If an employer wants a professional reference, then the writer of that letter probably worked with the candidate in a supervisory capacity.

If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to contact me at or ssmith email. Read on to learn about three important characteristics of strong reference letters. She organized several social events for the company, like bar meet-ups and 5k races, helping to facilitate team cohesion and allowing us to form a great friendship.

It will also sidestep a common rec letter trap: She works across social media, email campaigns, and other public relations outreach to effect viral engagement.

Make sure not to include any sensitive information especially when the letter is not addressed to a specific person.

After normal business hours, Mr. These could be job application letters to apply for jobs, complaint letters to raise complaints, inquiry letters to request information, etc. Using two to three specific anecdotes in your letter will boost its level of persuasiveness. Some employers will also be interested in letters from a colleague or, occasionally, a friend, neighbor, or family member.

Below are nine sample recommendation letters, each followed by an analysis of what it does well! If the applicant does not require a specific form, a letter of recommendation should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

In the first paragraph, you should explain who you are and how you know the candidate. However, if your letter is relatively lengthy, break it into short paragraphs. How long did you work with her and in what capacity? Alice has my highest recommendation for the position of Editor-in-Chief with Globex Tech.

Letters to Management Letters to management are letters written to the personnel or department that controls and makes decisions for a company or organization. In addition to her professional qualifications, Alice has personal qualities that make her well-suited to leadership.

As you write your letter, make sure it does the following: Alice was instrumental in introducing our educational platform for training, for instance, a direction that has proven to be very fruitful. Uses Specific Examples and Anecdotes Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your letter should provide specific examples about the candidate.This recommendation letter sample is one written by a coworker for someone applying outside of the company.

This coworker describes his personal friendship with the applicant while also pointing out the applicant’s professional skills and work performance. Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Coworker Oriole Blvd.

Flushing, Virginia December 1, To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to give my highest recommendation to my coworker, John Doe, for a position with your company. A personal recommendation, also known as a character recommendation or a character reference, is a letter of recommendation written by someone who can speak to the job candidate’s personality and character.A person might ask for a personal recommendation if they do not have much work experience, or if they feel their employers cannot write.

Writing a personal recommendation letter or character reference can be a challenge. After all, these letters are generally required for big life events, such as a new job, a home purchase, or admission to a program or school.

Reference Letters.

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Reference letters are letters written to endorse someone's general character and personality. A reference letter differs from a recommendation letter in that the latter supports the person's application for a specific job or education program and is usually addressed to a particular person.

Download this letter of recommendation — free! Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can.

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Writing a personal reference letter for a coworker
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